Reformer Class Descriptions

Group Reformer Pilates

Stronger, Fitter, Leaner

Level 1

Slow and steady.

Reformer Fundamentals and Beginner Principles

With positive, professional guidance you will lengthen and strengthen your body for improved core stability, poised posture and better overall well-being. Rotate through the Pilates equipment which is designed to help you attain, and maintain, proper form and alignment. Ideal for students who may have never taken a pilates class previously or you are a regular who wants to leave class feeling calm and re-energized.

Traditional Reformer

Awaken the mind and body for better form. A flowing sequence of breathing and stretching exercises are created to suit individuals of all levels. Hands-on assistance and supportive guidance will help you stretch the muscles around the spine, as well as the extremities.

Level 2

Take it up a notch.

Traditional Reformer Pilates
Reformer Flow

This class is designed to be the most efficient means of progression within the Pilates tradition. This premium class creates individualized challenges that transition from the Pilates reformer, to the foam roller and finally the Pilates mat to sculpt a longer and leaner body.

Ballet Body

This class incorporates ballet, dance, cardio-intervals and strength training. Class is tailored for each individual. This class will transform your body with an invigorating, challenging and inspirational sequence.

Real Men Do Pilates

Created by Alexander Bohlander of Polestar Pilates

This Pilates class offers improved sport performance, decreased joint pain, and increased mobility, stability, strength, balance, and muscle control. Men in general have tight muscles in the shoulders, back, pelvis & legs, resulting in weaker core muscles and shallow breathing patterns. This will be your go to class for all your conditioning needs (Women are also welcome in this class).

Level 3

Sweat it out.

Cardio Pilates with JumpBoard

A high intensity class combining cardio with Pilates exercises all done on the reformer. A very fun, but intense class that will give you the workout your stomach needs.  Please note: this is a HIGH INTENSITY class people with injuries or who are new to Pilates should try Fundamentals, Traditional, or Reformer Flow first.

Abs, Ass and Attitude

This fun class is designed to stretch and strengthen the buttocks, lower back, inner thighs and abdomen. Get lost in the music with our supportive, positive community. 

Rehabilitative Classes

Gentle and restorative.

Pilates Recovery

This gentle therapeutic reformer class is specifically designed to improve strength, balance and flexibility while recovering from injury or surgery. Great for those who need extra care and modifications.

Golden Age Pilates

A combination of pilates and stretching, perfect for the senior body. It supports and enhances overall fitness, as well as your daily activities. Pilates focuses on improving core strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance in the body along with strength and flexibility in the back and spine.

Core Restore

We are working towards a strong core—which includes your abs, obliques, and lower back muscles—which helps to keep your body balanced and stable, lets you maintain proper posture and exercise form, keeps your spine stable and safe, and overall, helps you move in a more controlled and efficient way.

Specialty Classes

Pilates for Golf by Thomas Brinson, PGA

This is a mind body exercise program that develops strong, flexible and well-toned muscles creating a connection between concentration and golf. Pilates brings focus to each movement pattern and enhances both balance and stability on the course. The golf swing is based on moving from your center with alignment from the ground up. “Pilates works on stability, strength, and mobility. By working on strengthening the glutes and core, Pilates can help golfers increase distance with their swing. In working the deepest abdominal and back muscles, golfers are likely to be stronger and minimize pain and injury.”

Pilates for Tennis

Tennis players need strong stabilizing muscles in order to cope with the short sprints and sharp turns. … We will isolate and strengthen these muscles, helping them stabilize the knee and produce power when moving and lunging laterally. The benefits of Pilates to improve your athletic performance is endless. With a high impact, full body sport like tennis, Pilates practice is essential to not only keep the body injury free, but to also develop more strength and stability which will in turn drastically improve your groundstrokes, speed and agility on court.