Reformer Class Descriptions

Group Reformer Pilates

Stronger, Fitter, Leaner

Intro to Pilates with Studio 8 Special

With positive, professional guidance you will lengthen and strengthen your body for improved core stability, poised posture and better overall well-being. Rotate through the Pilates equipment which is designed to help you attain, and maintain, proper form and alignment. Ideal for students of all levels who want to leave class feeling energized and refreshed. 

Booty Pump and Abs

This safe and challenging workout is designed to help you feel great. Your teacher will help you find your ‘personal-best’ with thorough explanations and energizing movement sequences. We work with all of our clients on a name-by-name basis to ensure each student is challenged and invigorated. 

No Sweat Stretch

Awaken the mind and body for better form. A flowing sequence of breathing and stretching exercises are created to suit individuals of all levels. Hands-on assistance and supportive guidance will help you stretch the muscles around the spine, as well as the extremities.

Traditional Reformer Pilates
Traditional Reformer (Pilates Essentials)

This class is designed to be the most efficient means of progression within the Pilates tradition. This premium class creates individualized challenges that transition from the Pilates reformer, to the foam roller and finally the Pilates mat to sculpt a longer and leaner body.

Abs, Ass and Attitude

This fun class is designed to stretch and strengthen the buttocks, lower back, inner thighs and abdomen. Get lost in the music with our supportive, positive community. 

Ballet Body
Ballet Body

This class incorporates ballet, dance, cardio-intervals and strength training. Class is tailored for each individual, thus appropriate for beginner through advance. This class will transform your body with an invigorating, challenging and inspirational sequence.