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Mat Pilates

Yoga for All
Level 1 Mat Pilates Adaptive Program with Props

We will help you modify every exercise so that you can begin to feel those muscles you haven’t seen or felt in a long time.  You can be seated on a chair or standing for comfort so that you CAN do these modified exercises.  There is no better way to get stronger.  This class is for our older generation who needs help staying fit, flexible and mobile. Lots of Props will be used to assist.

Yoga in Chapel Hill
Level 2 Mat Pilates Fundamentals for Beginners

Pilates Fundamentals is a perfect introductory Pilates class to the basics of Joseph Pilates original exercises.  We will focus on the Pilates Principles and the classic mat sequence.  This class will help develop a strong inner core while helping to sculpt long, lean muscles.  This class is perfect for a new Pilates student.  Remember if you can’t yet do an exercise, there is always a modification until you can.  This class is your chance to start the journey.

Yoga Fundamentals
Level 2/3  Mat Pilates Experienced Beginner plus Buns and Thighs

Experienced Beginner classes continue with the Fundamentals emphasizing correct form and alignment while developing flow of movement.  Focus is on glutes and thighs.

Level 2/3 Mat Pilates Experienced Beginner plus Ab Defining

Experienced Beginner classes continue with the Fundamentals emphasizing correct form and alignment while developing flow of movement.  Focus is working on your core muscles.

Yoga for Men
Level 3 Mat Pilates Intermediate

For those at an intermediate level. Deepen your knowledge of your body and the Pilates Method.

Cardio Dance

Zumba Class in Chapel Hill
Perfect For

Everybody and every body! Each Cardio Dance class is designed to bring people together for fitness fun.

Zumba Class
How It Works

An all ages class that includes a warmup, dance routine and stretching. This class is accessible to all levels.

Zumba Dance Class Chapel Hill

A class for those interested in learning Cardio dance or returning to basics. This is also a class for all levels.


Barre Class in Chapel Hill

Ballet Barre is a total body, high energy class that melds elements of Pilates, ballet, and strength training into a fun action packed class. Be prepared to sweat and have fun.


Instructor: TBD


All levels of Yoga Offered

Yoga allows you to sit in your silence and really listen. Silence can be a scary place for many people because it forces you to do the necessary work. Yoga is not about the perfect pose or even how flexible you are–it is what you learn about yourself while your breath is guiding you into your pose. You learn resilience when you fall out of a pose and get back in.  You learn strength while balancing in a pose. You learn calmness while sitting in a pose.   When your feet touch the mat every practice is a new beginning. A chance to restart and learn something new about yourself.

Yoga isn’t only for adults, it’s also an excellent tool for kids to have access to whenever they need it. Yoga can teach kids to take that important pause before they react. It can teach them kindness, compassion, empathy, courage, strength and love. All of these values will not only help them, but will also aid them in having good relationships with themselves and others.