Class Descriptions

Group Equipment Classes

Equipment Introduction

An Introduction to the beginning systems of Pilates. Terminology, body position, equipment information are all given during this class. Ideal for students who may have never taken a pilates class previously.  No experience required. 30 min class

Equipment Beginner

A continuation of the beginning system, adding more exercises and a quicker pace. A complete understanding of Equipment Beginner system as well as the ability to modify exercises for your body. 50 min class

Traditional Reformer Pilates
Equipment Intermediate

An Intermediate system Pilates class that requires mastery of the preceding levels.This is a quick paced class and more athletic than the beginning levels. Prerequisite of Equipment Beginner Level 2 or approval of instructor. 50 min class

Ballet Body
Equipment Combo with Mat Pilates

Equipment with Mat Pilates is a great class to work with both equipment like the Tower, Reformer, Exo Chair and Mat Pilates. Class is 50 minutes.

Chair- Intermediate

Intermediate Level chair work that requires a strong body. Approval is required.

Romana Special

Throwback to Romana’s class called Optimum Weight Management. An intense aerobic workout is the key to burning fat and building muscle.  This workout is designed to help you achieve your ideal weight, while stretching and strengthening your muscles.  Ideally you would be an intermediate level pilates at PS8, or an athlete looking to continue your conditioning.

Studio Class-  Mat Pilates Classes

Mat Beginner Pilates


Beginner Level Mat Classes are being phased out in favor of new Combo classes that are now being offered.  The ability to work on all pieces of equipment is important in your pilates journey. Come and learn in these new classes being offered as of September.

Mat Intermediate Pilates


Intermediate 1- approval is required to take this class.  Intermediate Mat is being phased out due to a new Combo class that is being introduced.  Come and see us for the Combo class where any piece of equipment can be used and you will also get a bit of Mat.

Studio Classes- Dance and Exercise Classes

Zumba Class
Cardio Dance

An all ages class that includes a warmup, dance routine and stretching. This class is accessible to all levels.  See Royal Grace Academy of Dance for sign ups.

Barre Class in Chapel Hill

Ballet is a total body class that melds elements of Pilates, ballet, and strength training into a fun action packed class. Be prepared to sweat and have fun.  See Royal Grace Academy of Dance for sign ups/.

Hip Hop

See Royal Grace Academy of Dance for sign ups.


Beginner and Intermediate levels available. See Royal Grace Academy of Dance for sign ups.


See Royal Grace Academy of Dance for sign ups.