Instructor Training

Pilates at Studio 8 Instructor Training with Penelope 

Spring Instructor Training

January 5-7, February 2-4, March 8-10, April 12-14, Phase Five (TBD weekly meetings)

Friday 2-6pm, Saturday 9am-5pm and Sunday 9am-5pm


Pilates Certification Overview-Penelope- 2nd Generation Pilates Teacher Trainer


Apprentice 1 :  0 to 150 hours or until you pass beginning test

  • 70 hours observation
  • 50 hours of workouts
  • 10 private or duet sessions
  • 20 hours of practice teaching


Apprentice Level 2 :  151 hours to 300 hours or until pass intermediate test

  • 70 hours observation
  • 50 hours workout
  • 10 private or duet sessions
  • 20 hours practice teaching


Apprentice Level 3 :  301 hours to 500 hours or until completes final exam

  • 60 hours observation
  • 60 hours workout
  • 15 private or duet sessions
  • 65 hours practice teaching


Seminar Breakdown:  20 hours each weekend

Phase One – Intro and Beginning System

Phase Two – Intermediate System 1

Phase Three – Intermediate System 2

Phase Four – Advanced system

Phase Five – Class structures, Injuries and Modifications, System Review (done weekly)


Pilates Certification at PS8: $6000

Certification test Fee’s: Beginner $150, Intermediate $250 and Final Comprehensive test $350

Private Session Fee’s: $75 private and $50 each for duet

Certified Instructors wishing to continue their Classical Pilates education: $600 per Phase plus Manual $200 (Five Phases available, but no apprenticeship needed)

Certified Instructors wishing to recertify: Phase One to Five Bridge Program (call for Pricing based on original certification)

For Enthusiasts: Phase One to Four, no weekly meeting and no apprenticeship $600 per Phase plus Manual $200


I found Penelope Barrow in Asheville, NC after the birth of my third child. I had spent years dreaming of rekindling the relationship I started with Pilates while in college. Penelope’s thorough and in-depth understanding of the Pilates system was inspirational and I knew I wanted to learn from her as a student and to be trained by her as a teacher. I committed to her individual teacher training program and never looked back. I opened my own studio in 2018 and continue to train with and to learn from Penelope. She is a vigilant teacher, a tireless mentor, and a deep well of Classical Pilates knowledge.

Hannah Jones, Owner Contour Authentic Pilates


For More Information:
Please call the studio at 919-338-1088 or email

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