Instructor Training

Pilates at Studio 8 Instructor Training with Penelope Barrow

Fall Instructor Training

September 9-11, September 23-25, October 7-9, October 21-23, October 28-30

Friday 2-6pm, Saturday 9am-5pm and Sunday 9am-5pm


Pilates Certification Overview-Penelope Barrow- 2nd Generation Pilates Teacher Trainer


Apprentice 1 :  0 to 150 hours or until you pass beginning test

  • 70 hours observation
  • 50 hours of workouts
  • 10 private or duet sessions
  • 20 hours of practice teaching


Apprentice Level 2 :  151 hours to 300 hours or until pass intermediate test

  • 70 hours observation
  • 50 hours workout
  • 10 private or duet sessions
  • 20 hours practice teaching


Apprentice Level 3 :  301 hours to 500 hours or until completes final exam

  • 75 hours observation
  • 60 hours workout
  • 15 private or duet sessions
  • 50 hours practice teaching


Seminar Breakdown:  20 hours each weekend

Phase One – Intro and Beginning System

Phase Two – Intermediate System 1

Phase Three – Intermediate System 2

Phase Four – Advanced system

Phase Five – Class structures, Injuries and modifications, System Review


Programs Available for Pilates Instructor Training at PS8:

Full Comprehensive Program (100 hours seminar instruction broken down into all Phases, 500 hours apprenticing includes all Phases of Training and apprenticing through Level 3)


For Certified Instructors wishing to continue their Classical Pilates education and/or recertify:

  1. Phase One to Five called Bridge Program
  2. Phases One to Five done individually


I found Penelope Barrow in Asheville, NC after the birth of my third child. I had spent years dreaming of rekindling the relationship I started with Pilates while in college. Penelope’s thorough and in-depth understanding of the Pilates system was inspirational and I knew I wanted to learn from her as a student and to be trained by her as a teacher. I committed to her individual teacher training program and never looked back. I opened my own studio in 2018 and continue to train with and to learn from Penelope. She is a vigilant teacher, a tireless mentor, and a deep well of Classical Pilates knowledge.

Hannah Jones, Owner Contour Authentic Pilates


For More Information:
Please call the studio at 919-338-1088 or email

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