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Yoga for All
Gentle Yoga for All

An all ages class that includes a centering warmup, seated and standing poses, breath work, and stretching. You will love this class at 8am as it will start your day off right. This is an accessible to all levels class (in case you are wondering it will not include vinyasa flow.)

Yoga in Chapel Hill
Mindful Movement Yoga

Connect your body and mind during this 9:30am class with graceful movements. Calm your mind and stretch your body. A traditional yoga class. We will work within a healthy range of motion, building strength and stability in the joints.

Yoga Fundamentals
Yoga Fundamentals

A class for those interested in learning yoga for the first time or if you are returning to the basics. We will slow the practice down and focus on poses from the ground up. This is a class for all ability levels. Come out and try us in this fun Yoga class at 9:30am.

Good Morning Sunshine Yoga

A yoga class sequence to wake you up. Set at 8am, you will rise and shine for your day in this sometimes unforgiving world. Give yourself time for this traditional yoga class involving a centering technique, seated and standing poses, and sun salutations. The intention is to enliven your body in a healthy way.

Yoga for Men
Align and Flow Yoga

Join us on Thursday morning at 8am. An all level class including dynamic breath-linked movements with attention to your body’s alignment. Leave feeling refreshed and ready for the day.

Cardio Dance

Zumba Class in Chapel Hill
Perfect For

Everybody and every body! Each Cardio Dance class is designed to bring people together for fitness fun.

Zumba Class
How It Works

An all ages class that includes a warmup, dance routine and stretching. This class is accessible to all levels.

Zumba Dance Class Chapel Hill

A class for those interested in learning Cardio dance or returning to basics. This is also a class for all levels.


Barre Class in Chapel Hill

This class begins with the ballet working on the barre. All exercises will stretch and strengthen the body to sculpt long and lean musculature that supports posture, poise and grace.

Mat Pilates

Instructor: TBD


An Advanced Mat class will be coming shortly